Blue Cheese – Snow – Lyrics video

Blue Cheese – Snow tratta dall’album Same Old Game

Blue Cheese are:
Matteo “Zecca” Zecchini – guitar and voice
Michele Chiesa – bass
Alessandro Perosa – drums
Additional musicians:
Lucy Passante Spaccapietra – viola
Video by Giuseppe Vergara
Data di pubblicazione: 02/04/2019

Pagina Facebook dei Blue Cheese

Everywhere I look around,
I see bodies layin’ on the groud,
bullets flyin’ through the trees,
chips of wood are falling over me,
snow it s steady fallin’ down,
covers any sound,
a flash of light hit me down,
peace is what I’ve found,
a child is watching through the door,
he saw something and he want see more,
a deer is browsing in the trees,
silence it’s so loud that seems unreal,
snow it a steady fallin’ down,
covers all the ground,
the wind that a blowin through the trees
is the only sound.

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