Joyce – Heart in a Shell

Joyce – Heart in a Shell – Singolo

The official music video for Heart in a Shell by Joyce.

Jody Sion – vocal and guitar
Nikolas Gregori – lead guitar
Alessandro Aruffo – drums
Igor Borelli – bass

Director: Matteo Prodan (Sonicyut)
Camera Operator: Lorenzo Roccaro (Sonicyut)
Starring: Isabella Sponchiado

Data di pubblicazione: 8 aprile 2020

Joyce – Heart in a shell

Half the world’s in chains
While all the whispers drown
Dreams I dream in vain
Are clouds passing by
Like a dreamless rain
I love, live and die
And fire writhes in pain
Beneath the weeping sky
The universe is glowing
And softly flowing
From these eyes of clay
Like a bird in a cage
I watch the days go by
A gentle wind’s in my vein
The sun just makes me cry
The night is filled with rage
It lies before my eyes
I wish to fly away
Above the burning sky
Let the bright night’s bride
Rise and die
Through the voiceless time
Buried in the sun It lies forever done
Its bleeding echo fades
With ashes of my fate
This world I love in vain
Half the world away
I watch the days go by
The stars are swept away
The light is out of sight
Life can be so strange
Yet everything goes by
All I had to say
I said it now, goodbye

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