Bolero Extasy – Claws

Bolero ExtasyClaws tratta dall’EP Shapes of mine

Music and Lyrics by Bolero Extasy
Etichetta: Mold Records
Video by Sonicyut
Data di pubblicazione: 12/04/2019

Bolero Extasy – Claws


(the) Young black cat prowls from the sea-shore hut.
noble, has the force of a queen’s wrath.
Easily cutting furs of weaker pals:
Why should he repay nature in kind?
dark fog creeps around him he hears voices,
those who he wounded.
Now he thinks of better places he could be in,
not this mazes he created with his actions,
what a pity that his old claws
crave for more fur to be scratched
in this after all, he is gifted.
(the) Old grey cat falls from the mountain crag.
Feeble, the last breath of a king’s lung.
New pals took his youth and then fought back.
Why should they respect the weaker one?
Death come near, scratch my ears,
take my life-card, check the squares.
The grim reaper ticks the ninth off, gives a last turn.

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